Growing my own

The first time I had my own vegetable patch was when I was ten years old. I remember growing okra and yellow peppers. Growing up, I used to be obsessed with exchanging plants and cuttings with my friends.

Gardening has been my hobby for many years and I grow organic (pesticide and herbicide free) herbs and vegetables throughout the year and love picking produce when I need it.

It is so satisfying to harvest and eat produce that has not been sprayed with chemicals and they taste so much better than shop bought.

There is no such thing as ‘having a Green Thumb’.  I have learned only by trial and error.

You will find easy ways to grow your own, even if you only have a small space. Having a garden is an on going work in progress. As the seasons change there are so many exciting new things you can plant.

I follow a Polyculture method of growing, where I combine herbs, vegetables, fruit trees and flowers. I find growing this way gives the plants the best chance to thrive and do companion planting where plants are protected from pests and diseases. Having this type of growing space encourages beneficial insects such as bees that help with pollination. I personally love having a garden that not only looks pretty but able to eat from it too.

“Anyone can grow, cook and eat from their own garden even if they live in the city” – Alyce Fowler.



I love to cook and eat foods from different cultures and experiment with new recipes.

I am intolerant to dairy and foods that contain sulphur (garlic, dried fruits etc). I have experimented and learned to prepare meals that are more holistic, tasty and nutritious.

You will find my recipes quite basic and close to the source. They are mainly dairy free and may suit vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians.

I have also taken out artificial colours & sweeteners, sugar, coffee, processed foods & soft drinks from my daily diet and eat less wheat.

When I do have the occasional treat, I include Stevia, Coconut sugar, Maple syrup, Coconut treacle, Jaggery, Honey or Raw sugar in my desserts.

I find eating this way has helped me cope better with food intolerances, have more energy, maintain a healthy weight and not crave for sugary foods.

The recipes have a Sri Lankan influence because I spent my childhood in Sri Lanka. It is time to share my recipes with you, as this might help others who have similar dietary issues.

Love to hear your feedback. If you have found this website interesting or useful please leave a comment/like. Click on ‘Follow’ to receive regular emails with latest posts. You can follow ‘Crystaliving Australia‘ on Facebook. Thank you.

– Manory –


14 thoughts on “Home

  1. I agree 100 percent with you growing your own veggies is so rewarding my kiss and I love watching them grow and as a family we harvest the veggies fresh fruit and veggies taste nothing like what u buy at the shop. I wish I had your will power to eat healthier as children mirror what the parents do I hope to cut back on preservatives and artificial colors as you do in the hope to lose weight and feel healthier you are a inspiration

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    1. Thank you so much David for your encouraging comment. Appreciate it very much. Your comments help me to keep uploading all my ideas. I now have a new facebook page called ‘Crystaliving Australia’ 🙂 – Manory


  2. Back to the roots – right up our alley too. 🙂 Trying to avoid chemicals in our daily food isn’t that easy in the US but we do our best as well! Thanks for posting and greetings from Texas.

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    1. Thank you so much Petra. It is so nice to see these comments, very encouraging for me to keep going with this. Yes, growing organic and healthy cooking is my obsession 🙂 There will be many more new things popping up soon, Take care 🙂 Feel free to follow 🙂


      1. Hallo Manory, deine Webseiten sind ganz wunderbar. Es ist eine grosse Freude die Bilder anzuschauen und ich mache auch ein Essen nach deinen Rezepten. Mach weiterso, wir freuen uns schon auf die Fortsetzung
        Ganz liebe Grüsse von Doris und Erwin

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  3. Good Morning Sweet Manory, You are a whiz. Your blog is amazing and your website inspiring. “Bless You” for having the courage of your convictions and putting your words into actions – Namaste – With love Mary-Jane xxx

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  4. Hallo Manory, ich bin eine Freundin von Doris.
    Mir gefallen besonders deine Kräuter. Ich bin nämlich ein Gesundheitsfan und würze viel mit Kräutern.
    Aber auch deine Blumenaufnahmen imponieren mir sehr.
    Viele Grüsse von Monika

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  5. Love your 2nd May comment…. your happiness is infectious…..your garden looks beautiful…. full of angelic presence and of course Nude Little Missy! Love Mary xxx

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    1. Hi Beautiful Manory, Just checked your website and read your comment on the Carrot cake about sulphur in dates. I was in the Safeway queue yesterday and the lady in front of me commented that she had come into Safeway to buy her grated coconut as she had found it was the one which didn’t contain sulphur and she was alergic to sulphur in ingredients. So I thought that was an interesting piece of information in view of your comment. She found the exact one in the Health Food aisle. Your readers may like to know this. Keep up the good work – your garden looked beautiful with the nudist sitting on the garden seat. Your photography of the carrot cake was excellent, more so with the red fork which has such special significance to you.
      Namaste…. Mary xxxx

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