Growing my own

Gardening has been my hobby for many years and I grow organic (pesticide and herbicide free) herbs and vegetables throughout the year and love picking produce when I need it.

It is so satisfying to harvest and eat produce that has not been sprayed with chemicals and they taste so much better than shop bought.

There is no such thing as ‘having a Green Thumb’.  I have learned only by trial and error.

You will find easy ways to grow your own, even if you only have a small space. Having a garden is an on going work in progress. As the seasons change there are so many exciting new things you can plant.

I follow a Polyculture method of growing, where I combine herbs, vegetables, fruit trees and flowers. I find growing this way gives the plants the best chance to thrive and do companion planting where plants are protected from pests and diseases. Having this type of growing space encourages beneficial insects such as bees that help with pollination. I personally love having a garden that not only looks pretty but able to eat from it too.

“Anyone can grow, cook and eat from their own garden even if they live in the city” – Alyce Fowler.



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