Autumn Pickings

It’s a typical autumn day today. I wanted to get out in the garden before the rain came. Picked these tomatoes, capsicums and rainbow chard. The last of the summer vegies are still growing strong in the patch. Believe it or not we still have a few tomatoes left. This variety is called Grosse Lisse. Capsicums are doing well. Yellow peppers have turned red. I picked these today and might cook them for dinner tonight. These peppers might go well with the Broccolini I had bought. I’ll upload the Peppers with Broccolini recipe for you.

Autumn pickings - Peppers and tomatoesAutumn pickings - Peppers/ Capsicums

Capsicums were grown from seeds by my husband Henrik. All the hard work is paying off. No need to goto the supermarket on a gloomy day like today.Autumn pickings - Tomatoes Grosse LissePeppers and Broccolini

Rainbow chard also look very happy in this cool weather. Picked some of them as well for dinner.Rainbow Chard

Picked these Zienias for the vase. They make beautiful cut flowers. I wanted to remove some of the Zenias and Cosmos from the patch, but the bees buzzed me off.They looked so happy sitting on the flowers, so I decided not to pull them out. Although I do need to make some space in the patch for my winter vegies. May be next weekend, if the bees would let me 🙂

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Zenia flowers


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