2 May – World Naked Gardening Day

Yes, today is world naked gardening day!

You must be kidding me! In this weather? 🙂

I was out in the garden today, but I swear I was fully clothed. 🙂 Did some small chores. I pulled out some of the annuals (Cosmos and Zenias flowers) from the vegie patch and made space for my winter vegies. Did some weeding and added some Comfrey compost tea to the soil. That’ll give plenty of nutrients for my kale, cabbage and broad beans I am planning to plant.Chores in Autumn, Make space for winter planting

I sat outside and soaked up the sun. The garden looked beaufitul, I thought.

Then I made a Dairy Free Leek & Potato Soup for dinner. Recipe coming soon.

Missy was the only one naked in this garden.

Autumn Garden

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Autumn Garden

Missy enjoying the Autumn Garden


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