Battles and Triumphs

I had posted an article previously on the ‘Easy Grow’ section on how to grow Red Kale. I had put the seeds in and watched the little seedlings emerge with lots of joy.

Few weeks later they were strong enough to be re-potted.
100_1878Red kale ph2

I had placed them on my plant stand on the deck during late summer and they were growing happily, only to find the ‘Cabbage Moth’ (White Cabbage Butterfly) had got to it before I did.IMG_0199

It has layed it’s larvae on them. Within a few days all my Red Kale were massacred.

I had been squashing the  Caterpillars, but somehow they had finished it off. It hurts to see all my hard work being destroyed like this.

Should have & Could have:

I should have put a net over the plants to stop the Cabbage moth from getting to it. I am not sure what other ways to prevent this from happening.

Do you have any organic solutions to this problem?

Love to hear your ideas/ suggestions please. 😦

Well the good news is, I found these self seeded Red Kale growing happily in my veggie patch among the weeds, without any TLC 🙂IMG_0203


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