Spying into neighbours gardens

Do you ever get tempted to take a peek at your neighbours gardens?  Month of July, 2015 was often around 32 degrees warm in Berlin. During the evenings we went for little strolls around the neighbourhood and I sure gave into my spying temptations.  This time of the year many people who live in city apartments move into their summer houses in their allotment gardens. They seem to really cherish and appreciate their outdoor spaces. Gardens look nurtured with so much love and attention to detail. Fruit trees and vegetable patches full of produce and gardens buzzing with bees. I love it! I get ideas for my own garden.

I realise that there are so many of us without a garden or a courtyard and we shouldn’t take for granted what we are blessed with and to make the most out of our outdoor spaces. I felt envious seeing the lush foliage and green lawns that we don’t find during our hot Australian summers. Grass is always greener on the other side 🙂


5 thoughts on “Spying into neighbours gardens

  1. Beautiful relaxing photographs – what a treat to see…. inspirational and engaging photography. You have a talent for capturing the simple easy flow of life in its most delightful form. Love your work Sweet Manory. Om Shanti to you my friend Mary xxx


  2. What fun we had today Manory with you being let lose in “my garden” with “my camera”! 116 photographs later and I wonder what delights you will have in store for us in your next blog with photos from Patterson Lakes in Victoria Australia… Can’t wait to see what wonders you will post for us in the coming days… you told me that gardens are like “Candy for the eyes”… what an expression – so colourful and endearing – like you my friend. The world needs more infectious, colourful, enthuiastic friends like you in it.. how blessed am I to count you as my friend. Everloving Mary xxx


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