Autumn Colour

Autumn Colour - things to do in Autumn

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. To me autumn is a reminder that nothing ever stays the same. It is a break from the hot summer months.

Flowers start to fade and leaves start changing colour.

Autumn Colour - things to do in AutumnAutumn has struck Melbourne and it’s time to put on your boots and warm woolly knits.Autumn Colour - things to do in AutumnAutumn Colour - things to do in Autumn

Autumn is a time to start packing and preparing to hibernate for winter and  there are so many little things that have to be done before winter arrives.

Collect fallen leaves and add them to your garden beds and into your compost.Autumn Colour - things to do in Autumn Leaves are a great source of  high-carbon material for your compost and would break down easily.  Mix it in with  your food scraps and grass clippings.  Leave it during the winter and the earth worms will do the rest and you will have compost ready for Spring.

Plant Bulbs – Autumn is the best time to put your bulbs in. This allows it to stay in the ground during the cool winter months and prepare for flowering in spring.Plant Bulbs in Autumn - Daffodils

Daffodils do well in pots or in the ground, in well drained soil and full sun. Plant them shoot side up (pointy side up) and root side down at a depth equal to twice their width. So, the larger the bulb, the deeper it is planted.Plant Bulbs in Autumn - Daffodils
Ranunculus put on a great display in spring. They make great long lasting cut flowers. They can be grown in pots and prefer well drained soil. Soak the claws overnight and plant 2 inches deep, 3 inches apart. Plant them with their claws facing down and their smooth surfaces up. Leave the pot outside in full sun. Water lightly.Plant Bulbs in Autumn - RanunculusPlant Bulbs in Autumn - Ranunculus


Harvest the last of your summer crops and prune.Things to do in Autumn - Prunning


Baking – I know this is not a gardening task. Baking is something I always start doing  in autumn. I love the way the house smells giving it that extra warm cozy feeling around the kitchen. (Carrot & Coconut Cake Recipe to follow soon)

Things to do in Autumn - Baking - Dairy Free Carrot and Coconut Cake


I love the colours of autumn. “In Heaven it is Always Autumn”~ John Donne

Colours of Autumn - Autumn leaves

Colours of Autumn - Autumn leavesColours of Autumn - Autumn leaves
Colours of Autumn - Autumn leaves


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4 thoughts on “Autumn Colour

  1. Liebe Manory, das sind wunderschöne Aufnahmen. Ich habe auch von unserem Garten den Sommer, Herbst und Winter aufgenommen und in zwei Büchern zusammengefasst. Im Juli zeige ich sie dir dann. Tschüss Doris

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