Perennial Vegetables & Herbs

Perennial Vegetables and Herbs - Silverbeet












Plants that keep growing season after season makes a lot of sense to me. Perennials are the most rewarding plants in your garden, where they earn their keep with very low maintenance.

In my Melbourne garden I have experimented with some plants and discovered that they can be grown as perennials, although in general they are annuals.

Perennial Vegetables - Tuscan Kale









Kale, Broccoli. Silver beat (Swiss Chard) and Capsicums can be grown as perannials, by cutting them back sightly at the end of the season.

Perennial Vegetables - Rainbow Chard










With herbs Oregano, Thyme. Rosemary keep growing year after year. Parsley would self seed and you will have more plants without even lifting a finger.

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3 thoughts on “Perennial Vegetables & Herbs

    1. Hi Georgie, great to see your comment on my new website. It’s nice to see that there are people out there interested in growing their own. Tomatoes did really well this summer in my garden. They are still going strong and we have bottled up a whole lot. My website is still a work in progress, so you’ll see more in the future. Do you grow much?


      1. Oh, I try. Sometimes more luck, sometimes less. We have similar veggies to you.
        Some herbs, corn, tomatoes, peppers and sunflowers. It’s a nice past time, isn’t it?

        Liked by 1 person

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