Red Kale

Grow Red Russian Kale


Red Kale also known as Red Russian Kale, can easily be propagated with seeds. This is a hardy winter vegetable, and is a member of the cabbage family. It  would grow well during the summer months, if you protect it from the cabbage butterfly which lays it’s eggs on Kale leaves.

You can cover the plant with a net during the summer months.

Sow seeds in a seed raising tray, covering lightly with soil about 1/4 cm deep.

Cover with a transparent lid.

Water lightly every day but take care not to over water.

Grow Red Russian Kale

Seeds will germinate in about a weeks time.

When the seedlings are about 3 inches tall, transplant into small pots and let it grow for about 6 weeks, until it’s strong enough to go in the ground.Grow Red Russian Kale

It can grow upto three feet tall. You can grow them in pots as long as the pot is about a foot deep.

Grow Red Russian Kale

Red Kale is more tender and has a sweeter flavour than green Tuscan Kale.

There are so many ways to enjoy Red Kale, including Kale Chips, Salads, Stir fries, Soups, Stews and in Fresh Juices.

Please refer to the recipes section for how to cook red kale.

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