Garden update – January 2016

This summer I have planted Zucchinis (courgettes), Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Runner beans.  Roma tomatoes, Rainbow chard and most of the flowers have self-seeded from last year. I had plenty of Zinnias and Cosmos growing all over the place, I had to thin them out, so that they won’t take over the vegetables. Continue reading


Cabbage glut

Last weekend it was time to harvest the cabbages and make more space in the vege patch for summer vegetables. I had put these in around early May this year and the cabbages have literally been looking after themselves. Continue reading

Spying into neighbours gardens

Do you ever get tempted to take a peek at your neighbours gardens?  Month of July, 2015 was often around 32 degrees warm in Berlin. During the evenings we went for little strolls around the neighbourhood and I sure gave into my spying temptations.  This time of the year many people who live in city apartments move into their summer houses in their allotment gardens. Continue reading

Winter garden

I have to confess, I haven’t been out in the garden that much this winter. I planted these seedlings in early May and crossed my fingers 🙂

The upside of winter gardening is that you don’t have to water it much and the plants are less prone to pests (except for snails off-course)

So, these plants have been surviving mostly on their own. Photos taken on 1st July. Continue reading